• Thu, Jun 27, 2019

  • During the weekend of 1st/2nd June, a forensic service company called Eurofins Scientific was affected by a cyber-attack which caused disruption to many of its IT systems.

    Eurofins provides forensic testing and support services to the Government and law enforcement agencies in the UK (around half of police forces in England and Wales).??

    On 3rd June Eurofins put out a press release, followed by an update on 10th June.??This wasn't widely publicised in the media, but on Friday last week a BBC journalist tweeted that police have suspended work with the company and that this will lead to delays in forensic testing and have an impact on court cases.?


    ?The Ministry of Justice has provided information on its website for individuals who may be concerned about how this incident could impact on the progress of their legal cases. The MoJ have also signposted relevant support for victims: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/guidance-for-victims-on-the-recent-eurofins-ransomware-attack