We have been providing high quality therapeutic services for over thirty years.

All of our service are free, confidential and provided by women for women and girls who have experienced rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence either recently or in the past.

Referrals to Leicester Rape Crisis

Leicester Rape Crisis accepts self-referrals from individuals who have been sexually abused or raped.

We also accept referrals from third parties such as organisations, G.P's, Health Service Providers, Social Services, Schools etc.  We also accept referrals from friends and relatives.

We always need permission from the person being referred.

You can find both self referral and organisational referral forms on our referral tab.  All of our referals are now online, we do not take telephone referrals.

Our commitment to Equal Opportunities

Leicester Rape Crisis aims to provide a non-judgemental service regardless of your race, religion,faith, culture, disability, sexuality, age or background. We are here to support you.


Our accounts are made available for download. they can be found on our document downloads page in the accounts folder.