Online referral forms:

Due to high volume of incoming referrals we are aiming to contact you within 4 weeks. Please make sure your browser is up to date, or try another browser if you have any issues filling in the forms online.  Thank you Jasmine House Team

For any agency referrals, please complete the organisation referral form:

If you are referring yourself then please complete one of our self referral form:

What happens once we receive your referral?

When we receive your referral we will call you and offer you an appointment for an assessment.

Once you have been for your assessment you will be adding to our waiting list which is currently at approx. 8-9 months waiting time. Whilst you are waiting for our counselling service you will be offered the chance to join our First Contact support group. See Support groups page for more information on this service. You will then be contacted as soon as a place becomes available for you to start your counselling.