This group is open to women (18+) who have experienced any form of sexual violence and/or abuse. The support group consists of 6 sessions, once a week, lasting approximately 60 minutes and is open to those who are waiting for therapy and have completed an initial assessment.

The group will provide you with a safe and confidential space where you can receive support with your mental health and wellbeing.

The group will allow you to develop new tools that will enable you to have more understanding and help to manage difficult emotions or anxiety that you might be experiencing while waiting for therapy. 

By coming together with women who have shared experiences, this may help you to feel less lonely or isolated. You are under no obligation to share any of your experiences – you are in control of what you choose to bring and share within the group.

Some of the topis which this group may look to cover are:

  • Anxiety and depression- understanding anxiety and depression and how this can impact our body and mind. Exploring new coping strategies to overcome current feelings.

  • Mindfulness – focusing on techniques that may help you to cope with emotions and improve your wellbeing, such as, grounding and breathing exercises.

  • Unhelpful thinking – challenging negative thoughts, exploring positive self-talk/ affirmations and avoidance.

  • Self-development- identifying and developing self-care, setting goals and exploring your strengths and qualities.

  • Healthy living – focusing on sleep hygiene, physical exercise and a healthy happy balance in life.

  • Occupations and reflections – exploring activities/tool that support positive distraction.

Some themes/topics may vary.
Please contact the office for more details about the group.